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EOServ Papers:

Oil Field Subsidence Monitoring using Spaceborne Interferometric SAR
E.K. Biegert, J.L. Berry, and S.D. Oakley

Land Subsidence Measurements at the Belridge Oil Fields from ERS InSAR Data
Marco van der Kooij

Detection and Monitoring of Surface Subsidence Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry in the Yibal Oilfield, Sultanate of Oman
Mark Tuttle, Jim Ehrismann, Bart Hulshof

Doppler Current Velocity Measurements: A New Dimension To Spaceborne SAR Data
Marco van der Kooij, William Hughes, Shinya Sato

SAR Repeat-pass Interferometry - Operational Accomplishments and Future Potential
Marco van der Kooij, Bernie Armour, Jim Ehrismann, Pat McConnell, Bob Lynch and D. Nazarenko

Operational Production of DEMs from ERS tandem Data
Marco van der Kooij

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