Atlantis Scientific Inc.

About Atlantis

Radar Software Products, Earth Observation Services, Research and Development: Radar Remote Sensing, SAR Interferometry, Hyperspectral Data Processing

President: Patrick McConnell
20 Colonnade Road, Suite 110
Nepean, Ontario
K2E 7M6

General Information:
Telephone: (613) 727-1087
or Toll Free in North America 1-800-265-3894

Facsimile: (613) 727-5853

Business Contact for Oil & Gas, Mining, and Military:
Marco van der Kooij, Vice President of Engineering

Business Contact for Government Programs and R & D:
John Wessels, Manager of Research and Development

Business Contact for Software Products:
Patrick McConnell, President

Company Profile

Atlantis Scientific Inc. (ASI) specializes in providing products and services relating to and involving data acquisition, radar remote sensing, image analysis, advanced signal processing applications and interferometric SAR.

ASI, founded in 1981, is a provincially incorporated, privately-owned Canadian company. It is a fully owned subsidiary of the Vexcel Corporation, Boulder, CO. ASI currently employs approximately 25 full time staff members. ASI's technical and research staff are all highly trained professionals who possess Physics, Engineering or Mathematics degrees. Its Earth Observation Services department (EOServ), is staffed by a group of professionals trained in remote sensing, physics and the geographic sciences. The technical department is supported by experienced marketing and administration staff. Atlantis also hires science students for co-op term positions and enlists the services of an extensive network of subcontractors.

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