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Atlantis Elevated to New Heights

OTTAWA, ON, June 13, 2003 - Atlantis Scientific Inc. from Nepean, Ontario, has been awarded $325,000 by the Canadian Space Agency, under the Earth Observation Application Development Program, to develop finishing tools for radar-derived digital elevation models. This will provide a mechanism to merge several DEMs together, correcting for processing anomalies such as "spikes" and "wells". It will also support void filling, water body flattening, and maintenance of proper land/water relationships for rivers.

ASI is a world leader in the field of radar remote sensing. ASI has a strong heritage in developing leading-edge solutions, creating powerful and robust software tools for advanced remote sensing applications. The company's cost-effective products not only include the EarthView® APP; a SAR processor for transforming raw radar data into custom processed imagery, but also the EarthView® InSAR; a system used for scientific and operational exploitation of SAR interferometry, and EarthView® Stereo for the production of stereo-derived DEMs. ASI has widespread experience with operational projects including the production of digital elevation models (DEMs) and differential interferograms used for change detection analysis. For more information or to reserve your copy of the new EarthView® products, call 1-800-265-3894. Outside North America, please call 1-613-727-1087 or visit our web-site at

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