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EarthView® InSAR v2.1.2

Changes included in EV-InSAR (version 2.1.2)

  • The manual tiepoint marking tools have a new look and feel, and contain several improvements. The user is referred to the product documentation for specific details.

  • "Ghost cursors" have been added to all linked images (in inspect windows or tools) to simplify identification of common pixels between views.

  • Approximate georeferencing information has been added to most intermediate images.

  • Specification of external imagery for 2-pass and 4-pass runs has been simplified. The external run is no longer specified for 4-pass runs, but rather the external DEM, and optionally the external Master SAR and DEM mask images. These external images are no longer restricted to MFF2 format and no longer need to be copied into the run. The user is referred to the product documentation for specific details. When external imagery is specified, if the imagery was from an external run and the names have been preserved, the other images are auto-detected.

  • The way phase to height conversion is modelled has been changed. This fixes a problem where artifacts in the modelling of topographic phase were noted in cases of very small baselines where B_Perp changed sign over the ROI. A bug was also corrected to slightly correct the residual topographic phase removal process.

  • The Run Monitor Interface (RMI) has been modified to fix several problems with messages either being reported multiple times or being lost. The interface has been simplified to use a file for message exchange rather than sockets. Error handling and logging of status messages has also been improved. It is worth noting that "rsh" is no longer required. The PXCPD window has been removed, and log messages now appear in the shell window.

  • Dual CPU processing mode (for owners of the dual CPU version) now works under Windows XP, provided MPI is properly configured. Please refer to the software installation notes for further details.

  • Support has been added for left looking Radarsat datasets.

  • External DEMs in the polar stereographic projection may now be ingested.

  • Fixed a bug that occurred with external DEM ingest when a manual bias was specified. This only affects users of EV-InSAR v2.1.1.

  • A link to a "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" page on the Atlantis web site has been added to the Help menu in the main GUI.

  • Improved the conciseness and clarity of phase unwrapping messages.

  • The external DEM scale factor option has been disabled (set to 1).

  • Added a warning dialog box for quitting the GUI while processing or loading "already active" runs.

  • Errors and exceptions are now presented to the user inside a dialog window and saved to the log file.

  • A history of the last five runs loaded by the InSAR GUI in now kept under the "File" drop down menu for quick reference.

  • In most cases, specifying only one CEOS file during input data specification is now sufficient. For common CEOS naming conventions, the other files in the dataset and the system parameters will be auto-detected.

  • The JDEM ingest tool has been moved to the main GUI (under Utilities).

  • The new OpenEV image format conversion tool has been added to the main GUI (under Utilites).

  • A new orbit manager tool has been added to the main GUI (under Utilities) to make the usage of the DELFT orbits easier.

  • Tutorial 5 has been changed to use a new dataset.
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