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Video Hardware Compatibility Issues

We have a limited number of test machines directly at our disposal and as such cannot offer first hand experience on a wide variety of platforms. In addition to this, more than one software driver is usually available for each video card (provided by the respective card vendors). However, we hope to gather hardware compatibility / reliability feedback from our customer base as they gain experience with the new version. For now, we can say that we have had the highest degree of experience and success with ATI video cards. The complete list of cards that we have had some success with is as follows:

Video Card Windows NT 4 Windows 2000
GeForce2 MX from MSI 32MB (MS-Starforce 818) Tested Not Tested
GeForce2 MX from Gigabyte 32MB (GV-GF1280) Not Tested Tested
ATI Radeon VE 32MB Tested Tested
ATI Expert 2000 32MB Tested Not Tested
ATI All-In-Wonder 128 16MB Not Tested Tested

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