Atlantis Scientific Inc.

OTTAWA, ON, October 7, 2003 – Patrick McConnell, President of Atlantis Scientific Inc. (ASI) announces the appointment of Bob Dams to the position of Business Development Manager, Earth Observation Services (EOServ) Department. Reporting to the corporate Vice President of Engineering, Marco van der Kooij, Dams will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to grow the company’s worldwide EO services business.

“Bob brings to Atlantis more than 20 years of domestic and international remote sensing applications and business development experience,” said McConnell. “his 10+ years in radar applications will help enhance our market position in the natural resource and environmental sectors.”

Commenting on his appointment, Dams said: “ASI has a unique product line and client service offering through their InSAR DEM extraction, deformation/subsidence mapping and Coherent Target Monitoring (CTM) technologies. The depth and breadth of top notch InSAR knowledge is impressive, making our client solution offering world class. Our new hyperspectral image processing developments are terrific ! I am definitely excited about the prospect of helping EOServ meet our current clients needs, then expand our market presence by educating prospective operational users to the reality of our EO driven geospatial solutions.”

Since its incorporation in 1981, Atlantis Scientific Inc. (ASI) has established itself as a world leader in the areas of signal processing, radar remote sensing, and related software development. Today ASI develops and markets a variety of COTS software packages for radar data processing. In addition, the company’s service department EOServ provides value-added support to clients that choose not to invest in the software itself. Products available through EOServ include digital elevation models, land subsidence maps, wetlands mapping and a variety of other Remote Sensing derived information products.

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