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Atlantis Introduces New Customer Advantage Program
for Software Users

Atlantis recently introduced a new Customer Advantage Program for its EarthView® software products. The Customer Advantage Program makes it easy for you to take advantage of the benefits of utilizing both the Earthviw® Advanced Precision Processor (APP) and EarthView® InSAR. Some of these benefits include:

Save money by purchasing raw (signal) data

  • Raw SAR data costs less than processed SLC data (typically $400-600 difference per pair, based on current commercial prices). By processing from raw data you save money and will quickly recover the initial investment in your APP license.

Easy to generate SLC and other Level 1 radar data products

  • APP will automatically generate SLC (Single Look Complex) and other level 1 data products using default parameters (in as quick as 30 minutes on a 2 CPU SGI)
  • Beneficial for both interferometric and other radar applications

Ensure the best quality radar data

  • APP is robust; handling a wide variety of input data problems (ie. such as fixing bad lines) thereby ensuring that time loss is minimized.

High quality results for your application

  • APP allows you to control every aspect of the processing chain to optimize the final image for your subsequent application.

Unattended operations

  • APP is designed to allow complete flexibility in prescribing sophisticated processing parameters. Once the processing parameters are set, APP runs non-interactively, while you attend to other tasks.

Common look and feel to APP and InSAR

  • Our products work well together. Using them together leads to smoother operations and in the event of a difficulty, better support since our software has been used to control every aspect of the data processing from raw data to finished product.

Here is how it works!

Customer Advantage

Discount Off List Price

Current EV-InSAR Customer

20% off EV-APP

New EV-InSAR Customer

15% off EV-APP and EV-InSAR

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